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What to Expect / F.A.Q.

Booking and Payments:

  • Payment is due in full the day of the event unless we have agreed otherwise in writing (email or text) prior to the event date 

  • Pricing can be found here and our current critter list is can be requested via email here

  • For payment we accept: cash, Venmo, PayPal, Chime and CashApp

  • Unfortunately due to late payments and bounced payments, we are no longer accepting personal checks as a form of payment for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience 

  • Please always choose your top animals you wish to attend PLUS an additional 5 in case we need to substitute 

  • If for a birthday party- please let us know the birthday kidlet (or adult!)’s name, age, favorite color and animal

  • You must fill out our waiver form and return it to us either prior to (via email) or the day of event before we can set up.

We are often asked how long our sessions should be and we recommend:

  • Younger groups and our 1 / 5 critter package, tend to do better with shorter sessions. 

  • Older groups, our 10 / 15 / 20 critter package tend to do best with longer sessions so everyone has a chance to interact with the animals.

  • We will discuss in your pre-program booking what may work best for your group.

The day of your event:

  • Depending on the size of our setup we will arrive 15-90 minutes ahead of time to prepare our area 

  • If indoors- we require a 6x4 spaced cleared for our setup prior to arrival

  • If outdoors we require a flat space free of debris protected from sun and inclement weather (porch/overhand, tent or shady tree)

  • If you are able/willing to provide a 6’ table, please let us know ahead of time (it is very much appreciated)

  • To help us give your guests the best experience possible, as well as keep the animals healthy and happy, please make sure we have a space away from generators, speakers and smoke from food cooking 

  • Please let us know the parking situation beforehand as it helps us figure out who/what we are bringing for your event

  • Our animals are friendly and used to being handled/hanging out with the public BUT not all guests are used to our type of animals. We reserve the right to ban certain guests from interactions if they cannot behave appropriately for the safety of the animals and other guests. 

  • Hand sanitizer will always be provided by us and we encourage all guests to use sanitizer AFTER handling the animals

  • Though we love interaction with guests and are more than happy to answer questions while setting up/breaking down, please make sure any children in attendance give us space to safely setup/breakdown (as far as attempting to interact with the animals during these times). Our attention needs to be fully on the animal/guest interaction for safety reasons 

  • For the safety of the critters we reserve the right to cancel a class if inclement weather is occurring/may occur and we cannot be accommodated indoor space. This occurrence will forfeit half of the deposit made by client

  • We reserve the right to switch out critters if the outdoor weather is not suitable for the animals chosen  

  • If it is over 85° or less than 60° WE WILL NOT DO OUTDOOR EVENTS for the safety of the animals 

  -  Please reach out to us 24-72 hours before your event to confirm everything, thank you!

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