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How was Tori's Critters Started?

  • Tori's Critters Started out as a small animal rescue in Cumberland County years ago, but closed in 2015 due to lack of funds and the inability to afford to become a 501c3. 

  • During this time we had a special permit with NJF&W to rehome exotic animals 

  • When the rescue was still open, we began bringing our many adoptable and personal pets to local schools to educate the public and raise funds for the rescue critter's care 

  • After the rescue closed we decided to continue the classes because we love to educate and all the funds raised (minus travel and educator fees) goes straight to caring for our pets, many of whom are rescues.

What services do you offer?

  • Animal Education
    ^ Going to schools, daycares, libraries, camps, etc to give Educational Critter Classes

  • Small Animal Experience

  • ^ Going to all different types of parties, fairs, festivals, reunions, corporate events, etc. and allowing the guests to get some hands on, fun education with our critters.

  • We also do many volunteer sessions a year to give back to our community 

Do you take volunteers?

  • We do not currently accept any volunteers under the age of 17.

  • Currently Tori's Critters has 2 permanent team member (Tori and Joe)

  • We do have 2 openings for mature, responsible volunteers with open availability. 

  • If you are interested in volunteering and getting some hands on experience with many different species, please feel free to contact us.

  • We currently are not looking to fill any paid positions - but when we are ready, long time volunteers will have first dibbs

Are you a rescue?

  • We are NOT a non profit rescue currently taking in animals.

  • Tori's Critters LLC is a registered business who owns the animals we've rescued and travel with them to many types of events to help educate the public.

  • Our main focus is education but we do take animals into our foster network if need be. We also help people find safe homes or rescues for their animals.

Do you take donations?

  • Yes, we do take donations for the animals and the business. 

  • We are NOT a 501c3, so any donations are not tax-deductible

  • We accept tanks/cages, animal supplies, cleaning supplies, office supplies and gift cards.  

  • We have provided links to our amazon wish lists if you are interested in donation.

How to donate

For items:

Please contact us for our mailing address to ship/drop off or to arrange a pickup/meet.

We have also added a wish list page to our site

For a monetary donation:

Please contact us for our mailing address for checks/money orders.


Venmo: @TorisCritters

CashApp: $TorisCritters

Chime: $TorisCritters

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