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Tori's Critters Price List

* Please keep in mind that other than travel and helper fees, EVERYTHING raised goes straight to the care of our 50+ animals.


How do we arrive at your quote? We add up your base fee, travel fees and any additional fees on our end. Please be advised that the base price is NOT your end total and you will need to contact us to receive a final price quote. 

1. Base prices

(this covers a standard 1 hour program)

A. Single species- $50 per hour
B. 5 species- $250 first hour + $75/additional hr
C. 10 species - $350 first hour + $100/additional hr
D. 15 species - $450 first hour + $125/additional hr

E. 20 species - $550 first hour + $150/additional hr

F. Insects only - $200 first hour + $50/additional hr

G. Snakes only - $200 first hour + $50/additional hr

^ We do offer discounts and barters on the above pricing. Please ask about them!

2. Additional Fees


+ $25/hr if over 25 children per session
+ $25/hr per educator 

+ $50 out of state fee
+ $1/mile travel fee up to 100 miles

+ $2/mile after 100 miles
+ $25 half outdoor canopy fee
+ $50 full outdoor canopy setup
^ Canopy fees may be waived if host provides shady cover

+ $5 for any additionl forms needing to be filled out (excluding original invoice and W9)

3. Add-Ons

+ $10/table we need to provide
+ Touch table - $25 
+ Spin-A-Wheel Game table - $10 (Additional fees may apply)

+ Photo Backdrop - $10

+ Leaf seating blankets (fits up to 5 kidlets) - $2ea up to $20

* NEW * - Ask us bout our variety of Party Favors


Discounts available:

* Non-profits and public schools may receive $25-$100 off from both base fee and additional hours

* Events that will have only guests 18+yrs will receive a 5% discount

* $10 discount if a legal guardian is a first responder, nurse or teacher (proof of employment must be provided)

* Up to 20% of total cost can be bartered - please see our wish lists for more info

* 5% discount for cash payments (up to $50)

* For vendor type events - Hosts have the option to only pay $25-$100/ hour in exchange for half our setup being our critter crafts

Deposit policy:

  • For new clients- 50% deposit, the remainder is due before we begin set up the day of event

  • For repeat clients- 25% deposit, the remainder is due the day of event before we leave the property 

  • For vendor type events- No deposit necessary, but if you choose not to leave a 20% deposit, we may skip your event if we are able to book a private event that day

  • Deposit is non-refundable if the event is canceled by host. We may be able to accommodate a rain date or reschedule, but if it doesn’t work on our end, deposit is forfeited. 

  • We prefer indoor events but will do outdoor events weather permitting. We will cancel on our end if outdoors and inclement or dangerous weather is forecasted and no indoor space is available. If we cancel on our end due to weather safety concerns while your event is still going forward outdoors, you will receive half of your deposit back within 7 business days. 

  • The first host to put down a deposit will hold that day/time frame. 

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