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Species You’ll Meet

Let's meet some familiar faces as well as some rare, unique creatures.



Creepy-Crawly Critters are our specialty!

We have over 20 species of reptiles, invertebrates and amphibian including: 2 tortoise species, 9 snake species, 5 lizard species, 2 cockroach species, 3 tarantula species, 2 beetle species and 1 frog species



Attentive Listeners

We have 3 avian species currently including lovebird, cockatiel and African grey parrot



Fascinating Animals

We currently only house 2 species of mammals - rabbit and ferret

Adoptable Pets

These are animals we are helping find homes for

** Not all animals are in our care **

Each animal requires the following to be adopted:

  • Adoption application

  • Interview

  • 30-90 educational class

  • Adoption contract

  • 1+ years of follow ups

  • Every animal has an adoption fee. This fee will be discussed between the owner and adopter. These are rescues, not rehomes, breeders or sellers; so don't expect huge fees.

Our super awesome #madagascarhissingcockroach Crush. He's an awesome #insect critter ambassador.jpg

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches


These are the only animals we sell. They make AMAZING pets for any age or lifestyle.
No odor, easy care, handleable. We sell them for $5-$7/pair

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