New Price Lists

Good Morning!

You may have noticed our site was down the last couple of weeks. We have been working on some things to help us be able to attend more events this summer.

We have lowered our overall base prices so that we can pay our amazing educators more because they truly deserve it! If you have ever been to one of our events its quite clear I couldn't run this business without my amazing team.

I've also streamlined the price list quite a bit by taking out a lot of extras.

We have however, tweaked the volunteer event donations a bit so we can help cover the costs of the event.

Please keep in mind that even though we may only be educating for 1 hour at your event, there is a LOT of behind the scenes work that goes into every event.

- 1-2 hours prep work at home

- Loading and unloading the animals 2x

- Travel time and expenses

- Setup and Breakdown at your location

- 30-60 minutes when we get home putting away the animals and supplies

- Plus most of our volunteers live out of town and have their own expenses to get to the event.

We truly appreciate every client and guest that we have and we look forward to an amazing season

Thank you all so much